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Our PEARspective

Explorations into the world of sustainable, beautiful and original furniture.

Price is what you pay, value is what you get

Wise words from Warren Buffet, who knows a thing or two about value investing. But how to define the value of second...

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Ham with Pears and Fennel

Alice Wrobel of the London Pantry shares her recipe for ham with pears and fennel. 

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What a waste

The average piece of furniture generates approximately 47kg of carbon dioxide equivalents – roughly the same as that produced by burning 5.3...

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In with the old

There’s a certain charm, an intrigue to furniture that’s been used and appreciated and loved before. Pieces that wear their patina with...

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What does RePEAR mean to us?

Find out about our buy-back scheme. Furniture for living, for life.

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Made in Britain?

We are great at making things. The UK has an eminent history of manufacturing, which drove much of our early economic growth...

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